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Yuma Bytes Services

Yuma Bytes provides a variety of computer, network, and information technology related services in the Yuma Arizona area. Our low rates allow small businesses, families, and individuals to keep their computer systems, web sites, and networks in tip top shape.

  • Computer System Repair & Support
  • Computer Repair
  • Spyware Removal
  • System Tune Up
  • Computer Upgrade
  • Printer & Scanner Installation
  • Network Installation & Support
    • Wireless Network Installation
    • Wireless Network Security
    • File & Print Sharing Setup
    • Wireless Surveillance
    • Network Repair
  • Business Support Services
    • Excel Spreadsheet Design
    • Access Database Design
    • Power Point Presentations Created
    • Third Party Maintenance

  • Technical Training Services

  • Other Technical & Consulting Services

At Yuma Bytes we strive to be honest and fair in our dealings. If you bring a system to us for diagnosis of a problem, we will not charge for the diagnosis. If the price to correct the problem is $60 or less, we will go ahead and fix the problem. If the cost will exceed $60 then we will provide you with an estimate so that you can decide if you wish to proceed with the repair.

When working in our shop we do not charge for computer run time! For example: if we are transferring files, the charges will be for starting and confirming the transfer, not for the 2 hours it takes to do the transfer.

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