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Your choice of a web hosting provider is a critical decision for the success of your web site! Many web designers offer webhosting services using a reseller account through a web hosting service. These type of webhosting accounts often include smaller storage space and bandwidth allocations than buying the account directly from the actual web hosting service.

Another issue with buying your web hosting from a reseller is with the support. If you have a problem with your website, you can not contact the company providing the service directly and must contact the reseller in order to get the problem resolved. This can be a real issue with some resellers who do not have the time needed to get your problem addressed in a timely manner. A responsible reseller will have to build the cost of providing such support into the fee schedule for web hosting services adding to the cost to you.

Finally, if you do decide to buy your services from a reseller instead of the actual service provider, you must implicitly trust them to do well by you. Many resellers limit the ability to use web host control panels to their clients. This can mean you do not have full control of your website and can not do things like add additional email accounts without incurring a charge from your reselling service provider. Also if your reseller goes out of business, who are you going to call if something goes wrong.

We pass the above information to Yuma Bytes web design clients and most opt to buy their web hosting services directly from the top level service provider.

Here at Yuma Bytes we no longer provide direct webhosting for our clients. Instead we recommend that you sign up with A2's SSD Hosting - 300% Faster Than Standard Hard Drives
or Lunarpages for your hosting needs! With a free domain name for most accounts and reasonable rates, Lunarpages is good option for most clients.

Lunarpages.com Web Hosting
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